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Thursday, October 27, 2016  

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Fiji Resort Investment opportunities

For many looking to relocate to the South Pacific, it is not just a change in lifestyle, but the opportunity of investing in a tourism property to reap a return on investment. Tourism is Fiji's number one export and so buying a resort is a way of obtaining that sea change but with the potential to turn a profit also.

Types of Tourism Investment in Fiji

Below are some of the tourism property options that come available from time to time.
  • Luxury resorts - these are often in the multi-million dollar bracket, starting at around FJ$2.5million. The advantage is that they are well-established and upgraded to a high standard, with less work entailed in bringing them to the quality you desire. They are usually located in the prime tourism regions, with good beach and surroundings.

  • Medium range resorts - usually from around FJ$1.5 - $2.5 million. Again, intensive work may not be required. The locations can be good but not in the exclusive range.

  • Budget resorts - usually up to FJ$1.5 million. Can be continued as a budget operation or present the opportunity for upgrading to a higher standard.
There is an unwritten rule that when buying a resort you should have a reserve amount in hand that equals the amount you spend on the property. This gives a good comfort factor and accommodates any reasonable upgrades you wish to do, or repairs that you may not envisage.

Fiji Resorts for sale to start a business.